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The 100 Day Declutter

A while back I embarked on a major declutter and enthusiastically announced I’d have this done in 30 days. That was 6 months ago. During that time I’ve hauled several carloads of stuff down to charity shops and school fairs, but it really doesn’t feel like much has changed. So I’ve decided to undertake a 100 Day Declutter – a rather ambitious task for me I admit, but by turning it into a game (of sorts) I’m hoping it’s something I’ll persevere with. Below is the list – I’ll keep adding to it as I go along. Wherever possible I’ll find a home for my stuff and in doing so hope to hunt out some worthy charities or causes that might be useful fo you, my fellow declutterers. Some will go on TradeMe for sale to help fund my first renovation project – the hallway (and yes, I’m pretty sure that’s going to take me another 100 days to complete….) and other things I’ll post on my Facebook page to see if anyone else can re-use or recycle them. Day 1 is 23rd April, which means I’ll be all done by 31st of July. So here goes (with the latest day at the top: Day 7: yesterday inspired me to go through my wardrobe. I’ve already done this once but hung on to a few things that I’ve decided I really should get rid of. These are also going to Dress for Success. Day 6: and already I’m falling behind. Today I went through all my shoes and weeded out the ones I never wear. I have size 10 feet so I usually give all my best shoes to Dress for Success – a charity that helps women back into the workforce. Day 5: Today we went through the girls’ clothes and shoes and bagged up any warm winter woollies that no longer fit. These have also been sent to Jumpers, Jackets and Shoes where they’ll be distributed to kids in need. Day 4: My trusty food processor which I haven’t used since I had to make baby food in bulk for the twins (seems like a lifetime ago). Unfortunately not many charities take electrical goods so this has also gone up on TradeMe. Day 3: The kids keep growing so out goes some of the ski gear they’ve grown out of. We have had to replace it, but this year we’ve bought ex-rental rather than new. Day 2: Miss 8’s soccer boots from last season. I’ve had to get her bigger ones so technically it’s not really decluttering – but try as I might, I can’t stop her from growing. Day  1: Mr 8’s done a lot of growing so a bag of all his still-wearable winter clothes have gone to  local charity Jumpers, Jackets & Shoes to be passed on to less fortunate kids. UPDATE My 100 day declutter didn’t go as planned. Turned out doing a little bit every day – even though I’d planned in advance – wasn’t really doable. However what I did do is find a whole lot of ways to turn my trash into someone elses treasure. Click here to read more.


  1. This is such a great idea Polly! I want to declutter but wasn’t sure where to start – one thing a day sounds very do-able, I’m going to kick this off when I get back from my trip at the end of May 🙂


  2. This actually sounds way more achievable than trying to tackle it all in one go. I might see if I can stick to this too.


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