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How Popsicles Helped Me Win At Parenting

I have to confess, I’m ‘that’ Mum. The one who doesn’t like handing out lollies at the end of sports matches. I saw you roll your eyes, but hear me out.

Over the years the ‘treat’ occasions in our family seem to have grown exponentially. I’d like to think it’s because as my kids get older I’ve become more relaxed. Truth is I’ve become less able to summon the energy to debate the finer points of treat etiquette.

Now I love treats as much as the next whatever-it-takes-to-get-through-the-day mum, but sports always used to be a treat free (nag free) zone. A piece of fruit at half time and the chance to win the Player of the Day certificate was all they expected. But now there is the new expectation of a treat after the game – anything from a bag of jelly snakes to the over-achieving mum who bakes cupcakes with personalised decorations for each child (true story).

When it’s my turn to bring the after game treat my kids know I’m going to turn up with something healthy, nutritious and completely unworthy of ‘treat’ status.

But this time, thanks to the lovely people at Popsicle, I’m on to a winner.  Because this time, I brought a box of their new Popsicle Smoothies.


There’s no denying these are treats, but as far as treats go, they have enough non-treat-like qualities to keep me happy. The two flavours – Banana Blast and Berry Smash – are made with real fruit juice, milk and yoghurt (which gives them the heart foundation tick) and no artificial colours or flavours.

There are 8 per pack – so plenty to go around, and just to add to the excitement they’ve partnered with the Minions (OK, Universal Studios in the adult world) so there are cards in each box and well as instant wins on each iceblock stick.

Talk about winning Mother of the Year (well of the week at least).

Head over to my Facebook page and, if you live in NZ, you can enter the draw to win a $20 supermarket voucher AND two movie tickets!

This post has been brought to you by Popsicle, however the ideas, opinions and decisions on  who and what I write about are all mine.

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