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A Day Out In: the What Now Studio Audience

Having all of my kids birthdays in the same month makes it so much easier to give them all the gift of an experience by planning a fun family weekend away. So we chose Christchurch, which for Miss almost-11 meant the chance to turn her Sunday morning TV into reality by being in the What Now studio audience. What we did We travelled to Christchurch on Airpoints, booked a cheap motel and signed the kids up to be part of the What Now studio audience. To do this, simply fill in their online form with the date you want, and they’ll get back to you to confirm your place. And better still, it doesn’t cost a thing! How it went Having to be at the studio at 7am makes for a pretty early start, even though we were staying very close by. And if you don’t know your way around town, the studio can be a bit hard to find, especially in the dark. But we arrived early enough to follow other people to our …