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How A Simple Conversation Might Save The World

“Mummy,” asked overly anxious Miss 10. “Could the earth ever get so polluted that it could die?”

“Yes,” I answered. “Yes it could”.

“Mummy,” she asked again. “Could it happen in my lifetime?”

Here’s how I answered that question.

“Sweetheart,” I said, “the politicians can talk all they like. But do you know who really has the power to save the world? It’s you. And it’s your brother and sister, me, your Dad and everyone we know.”

Miss 10 looked at me puzzled. “But what can WE do?”

“Well, we are the ones that have the money all the companies out there want, which means we have the power to decide what we buy and – more importantly – what we don’t buy. We can use our money to support companies who support the causes we believe in.”

Her eyes lit up. “So if we want to save the rainforests, we can stop buying products with Palm Oil in them”.

“That’s right,” I said. “We can stop buying stuff that is packaged inside yet more packaging. In fact we can stop buying stuff we really don’t need” I said, eyeing her ever growing Lego Friends collection.

“We can start buying things that are recyclable, or better still made out of recycled materials. We can start buying things that are made locally from sustainable resources. In fact, we can start buying less stuff and then there’ll be less stuff to throw away.”

“Like giving experiences instead of presents?” asked Miss 10.

“Exactly. We can start making choices that make a difference.  We can start asking our friends and family to do the same thing. And one day, if enough people make just a few small changes, together it will add up to the big changes needed to save the world.”

WE can do that?” asked Miss 10?

“Yes,” I answered. “Yes we can”


  1. Awww that is some great mummying there! And please thank your daughter for suggesting that you put it on your blog because I really needed this reminder.


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