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Can Parents Have Fun Too?

When I heard there was a pop-up park with a 100m long waterslide, wild horses couldn’t have kept me away.

“C’mon”, I said to the kids. “It’ll be fun”.

I don’t know who was more excited – me or them. After our failed outing to the Monster Slide festival the year before, I couldn’t wait to have a go. As we lined up for our first slide of the day, the kids turned to me and asked why all the other Mums weren’t lining up in their togs.

Looking around I realised that out of the 50 or so adults there, I was the only one getting ready to launch myself head first down the side of a hill armed with nothing more than a rubber ring and a smile on my face.

To be honest the idea of visiting a waterslide park and NOT having a slide myself never crossed my mind. After all, why should the kids have all the fun?

To be in your children's memories tomorrow,you have to be in their lives today.

Having fun with our kids is important. Not only do we create memories to share and stories to tell, we also show our kids that having fun isn’t just something we allow them to do, it’s something we can all do together.

Our kids must think being a grown up is a serious business – full of pressure and stress, and the word ‘No’. By taking the time to have fun – their kind of fun – we can let them know that being a grown up doesn’t mean the fun has to end.


  1. Annamarie Jamieson says

    Nice post missy

    Annamarie Jamieson Mob 027 200 1957



  2. Simone says

    True true true!!! My mum always sat on the sidelines, never swam or participated in fun with us, so I thought that was normal. Thankfully I realised a while back that that’s NOT normal – and forced myself to get over my phobia of seeing my body in togs/ass on a bike and tried deliberately to do dumb stuff with my kids. I’m definitely better at it than I used to, and certainly better at it than my mum! Love that quote BTW. Pinned it x


  3. Agree, and I think that’s probably why most of the other mums were sitting that one out. Me in togs isn’t a pretty picture believe me – I guess I just have no shame!


  4. Amy says

    Go Polly! Some of my best memories are when my mum joined in these kinds of things as a kid – convincing her to give the waterslide a go and ride a roller coaster. I’m not keen to get into my togs at all – it just means I end up wading in the sea in my clothes and having quite an uncomfortable walk home!


    • And that right there is what it’s all about Amy – creating the memories – and we can do that regardless of what we are (or aren’t!) wearing!


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