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Watch out Splore, here we come!

With three tweenagers in the house, I’m learning lots. Like how to interpret an eyeroll vs a sigh. I’m also learning that entertaining them isn’t easy. Everything’s either ‘for babies’ *eyeroll* or immediately classified as ‘soooooo boring’ *sigh*.

So when the nice folks at Splore suggested we come along and give their festival a try, I jumped at the chance. After all – what could be less baby-like and less boring than a music festival?

“One day”, I told Miss almost-12, “you’ll tell your friends how cool your parents were taking you to a music festival” to which she responded with the ultimate in tweenagese – the *sigh* *eyeroll* combo.

While the tweenagers are playing it cool, I can tell they’re secretly excited. Super organised Miss almost-10 is already writing a list of things to pack while I’ve caught Miss almost-12 checking out the website on quite a few occasions.

I’ve had the Splore Spotify playlist on rotation, which to start with caused much sighing and eyerolling. But Mr almost-10 has taken a liking to the Carnivorous Plant Society while Miss almost-10 is fast becoming a Fat Freddy’s fan.

The clincher was when they found out about the Splore Rumpus Room – two whole days of kid-focused activities. They can make glow poi’s, learn acrobatics and circus skills and there’s a movie night where they can bring their own hilarious family videos to show.

“Maybe it won’t be so boring after all” declared Miss almost-12 without a single hint of a sigh or an eyeroll.

The nice people at Splore have provided us with free tickets to this event, but all of the opinions, reviews and experiences I’ll talk about are strictly my own.

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