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Letting Kids Pack Their Own Bags. Yes or No?

With a week to go, it’s fair to say the kids are pretty excited about our upcoming trip to Splore.

Now, my kids are fairly experienced travellers. They’ve packed for camps, weekends away, ski trips and trips around the world. We’ve had the odd hiccup – like Mister then-9 taking jandals as his only footwear on a ski trip. Or Miss then-8 packing just one tshirt for a two-week trip. But they’ve learned from their mistakes, right? So I thought I’d give them a go at packing their own daypacks for Splore. What could possibly go wrong.

My bag

Like any Mum I’m used to being a walking café, ticket office, ATM and medical centre – so sunscreen, balm, snacks and a water bottle are a given. In fact the water bottle is kind of essential as this year Splore will be the first festival in NZ to completely eliminate single-use plastic water bottles. Nice!

I usually have a Keep Cup in my bag for any hot drinks. The guys at Splore are also selling reusable Globelet drinking cups. If they didn’t it could mean as many as 55,000 single use serving cups would be heading to the landfill.

And of course there are some headphones for Miss 12 who loves her music so long as it isn’t too loud.


Miss 10’s daypack

Ever the practical one, she’s packed her hooded blanket to keep herself warm and a colouring book and pens for entertainment. Then there’s glasses for the sun, an umbrella for the rain, and a sparkly hat for… well, any occasion really.


Mr 10’s daypack

Togs, goggles and enough water guns for a water fight – although I’m not sure he’ll find any takers given the size differences between his and the ones he’ll let his opponents use. Plus he’s packed his ‘How To Survive Anything’ book so he can lead the way in case of a tsunami, crocodile attack or zombie apocalypse.


Miss 12’s daypack

Me. “Really, that’s all you’ll need?”

Her. “Well, duh”, *eyeroll*, “everything I need will be in your daypack”.


The nice people at Splore have provided us with free tickets to this event, however all of the opinions, reviews and experiences I post about are strictly my own.

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